There is nothing I love about photography more than capturing special, breathtaking, moments. Moments that you WILL want to look back at! Moments so full of emotion that its almost a blur. Moments that change your whole life. A moment where you say 'YES' to the love of your life! 

& every now and then I get this opportunity... :)

Sarah had made plans with me to have photos taken of her, Damien, & Reagan one Sunday afternoon. It was a perfect day with perfect light. I was extra excited to be taking their photos and a little more bubbly than usual. Thankfully Sarah paid me no mind. We have been friends for years and she knows how I am, but not this day... She didn't have a clue.... :)

Damien contacted me the Thursday before our shoot and asked me the sweetest question. 

'Would it be ok with you if I proposed to Sarah at the end of our session?'

As if I'd have a problem with THAT!! EEK!!! He wanted to make sure that we waited until the end because he thought that she may cry and mess up her make up :)

(Click on the photos ^^^)

She said 'YES!'

Happy Tears <3

Ahhh! I am SO excited for their wedding!