Ashleys Beautiful Bridal Session

As a photographer, I am always searching for light. Warm, soft, interesting light. The kind of light that makes you think, "how could that be any more beautiful?" The way it shines through the trees and lands on the ground. Or how softly it kisses a persons face. Light. But when I say light, I don't always mean from the sky, shinning down from the warm, orange sun. I mean from a person, from deep within. A bright, beaming light that everyone has, but not everyone shows. Light that radiates from them as they walk in a room. Light that gives others no choice but to smile. Some people choose to cover it while others shine so brightly. That light is what I want to find in people and show through my photography and I believe we did just that with Ashely's Bridal session at Walton Farm on Buffalo Creek.


We also photographed Ashely in her Rehearsal Dinner dress!