Feeling Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

This is something that is brought up quite often with new clients. They will say things like, “we are so awkward”, “we don’t know how to pose”, “how do we look natural?”. Let me just go ahead and put your sweet hearts at ease.


Its weird. And if its not weird, then I’ll probably end up saying something weird.

Unless you’re a superstar that poses in front of a camera every day of your life then chances are you’re probably not going to be totally comfortable in front of the camera and that is ok!

Heck, I’m not even comfortable having my photos done.


I can assure you that Im going to say something weird that you will (hopefully) laugh at, trip and almost fall, spin around in circles looking for the right light, and ask you to dance without music in the middle of a field.

You don’t have to be a pro model to look amazing in my photos. Its true!

All you have to do is show up and be willing to walk around with me and listen to my goofy cues. I promise they work!


So if this is all that is holding you back from booking a session, then you email me right this second and lets talk about it! My plan is to make our sessions feel like we are just old friends hanging out taking pictures and me asking you to do really random things.

My goal is to capture real, raw, emotional, candid photos. Sure we will do a few of your normal, basic photos, but I’m not normal or basic… (yeah, I walked right into that one lol) so lets get creative and hang out!


Warmly & Weirdly,


Shannyn StullComment