Let’s get weird.

Nothing makes me happier than people who just love to have fun! I knew this group was going to be a blast from the second I walked in and the bride says, “Shannyn, I’ve got a surprise and you’re gonna love it!”   


Jennifer, the bride, proceeded to tell me how she was going to do a “first look” and that Michael, the groom, was 100% against it. But little did he know, this wasn’t going to be your traditional first look. 


We set up the scene, got everyone in place, poor Michael was shaking in anticipation. (I felt so guilty! Especially when he asked me how beautiful she was!? I just had to go with it!)

The “bride” approached...

I’ll just let the photos say the rest...

 ***no groomsmen were injured in the making of this “first look”.


Well, everyone conspired, one of the bridesmaids brought her wedding dress and they somehow talked a groomsmen into putting it on! 




Thank you for being an awesome sport! ^^^


You just can’t go through life being serious all of the time 😜 


Loosen up & get weird!







(Please note that I don’t think it’s weird for a man to wear a dress. By all means, you do you! But in this situation, we made it weird 😜)

Shannyn Stull