Mr & Mrs Shrader

September 24, 2017
Sunday Funday!
How exciting…Today Tyler and Zach were married and what a beautiful day for it. The weather was perfect and such a blessing, as this wedding was outdoors. The venue was amazing! The Saratoga Springs in Mt. Pleasant, NC promotes itself as being “A Storybook Wedding in a Plantation Setting” and they were 100% exactly that. I have been so excited about this wedding since I took their engagement photos back in the spring at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. Their vibrant, loving and happy chemistry was so obvious that it made my job super easy.

The day started off with the girls getting their hair and makeup done. This part of the day is fun for me because I get to know these ladies and they get to know me. I think they all learned that I will go to any extreme to get “the shot” including scaling the rims of the bathtub…hahaha…good times. The bridesmaids all looked absolutely stunning in their enchanting light blue dresses, a perfect asset to a storybook wedding.

Usually photographing the guys getting dressed can be a little awkward, but not with these guys. I love the atmosphere they had going. Typical guys, watching TV untill it was time to get ready and then it was serious business. When I asked them to give me their “best GQ pose”, these guys KILLED IT!!

Show Time!

The guest are seated, the wedding party has entered, the groom is waiting patiently for his bride to arrive and here she comes in the most beautiful horse and carriage ever! Zach is in awe because this too is his first look at his forever love. Tyler steps out of the carriage and is escorted down the aisle by her sweet mother Felicia. Tyler looked stunning in her dress that no doubt was made especially for her. The two were married and as in story book character and road off into the sun. I couldn’t say sunset because the sun wasn’t going down yet...hehe… It’s a good thing because there was some partying to be done. There was eating, drinking, dancing, and laughing. Fun was had by all! Speaking of the dancing…the “first dance” the newlyweds did to Alicia Keys : "If I ain’t got you” was so emotional and powerful. Very beautiful!

Time for Mr and Mrs to leave…
                They were showered by a barrage of white flower petals, waves, kisses and farewells.
I would like to thank the Shraders’ for trusting me with their life time memories and for the lady who caught the bouquet, I’m pre-booking weddings for 2018.
I would also like to give a special “Shout out” to my associate Photographer, Bailey Batten of Bailey Batten Photography: she was awesome!

Shannyn Stull